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  • Belts and hoses

  • Water pump for engine cooling

  • Power steering pump

  • Radiator

  • Fuel hose

  • Power steering hose

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  • CV and drive axle

  • Suspension and steering system

  • Exhaust pipes

  • Exhaust manifold

  • Catalytic converter, muffler, and resonator

  • Tail pipe and more

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Since your car's belts and hoses are exposed to heat, vibration and contamination, it's no wonder they can wear out so easily. Be sure to bring your car in for routine inspections of each component, along with their applications, to ensure a long-lasting vehicle.


Accessory drive belt examples include your alternator, water pump, power steering pump, ac compressor, and radiator cooling fan.


Typical hoses you'll find include radaitor and heater hoses, fuel hoses and power steering hoses.


Bring your car in for a belt and hose inspection

Your car's exhaust system is incredibly important. Way more than just a muffler, it actually acts more like a chmney to direct the byproducts of burning fuel away from you. It routes waste gases from the engine to the back of your car, where they are sent into the atmosphere.


Your system also converts pollutants into less harmful byproducts, reduces the noise of the engine and directs exhaust gases s otehy can be used to heat air and fuel before they're burned away.

Your exhaust system is just like a chimney

Your vehicle's axle connects two wheels together on opposite sites. As a load-bearing assembly, it maintains the position of your wheels relative to each other and the vehicle's body. Your axle depends on the style of your vehicle. For instance, if you have an off-road vehicle, the wheels will be kept steady under high-stress road environments.


No matter the car you drive, your vehicle's axle must bear the weight of your car and cargo.


The most common axle design i sthe drive and CV axle. In laymen's terms, it's driven by the engine. This is typically found in front-wheel drive, modern vehicles. CV joints are often dependable, but they do require regular inspections.


if you hear a cracking or clicking noise, your joint is worn and needs to be repaired immediately. We're here for you in any case. Be sure to contact us at your convenience.

Maintain the position of your wheels

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